Behind the Stage (2014) is a web documentary that let’s the viewer visit the backstages of Finland’s most famous rock clubs. With the help of 360-images the viewer can move inside the rooms and read different texts, tags and autographs on the walls. Behind the Stage was published in 2014 and it was awarded with a Koura honorary award in 2015.

The webpage features six interviews with artists from different genres. The artists are Ruger Hauer, Tuomari Nurmio, Haloo Helsinki, Turmion Kätilöt, Iisa and Kakkahätä-77. In the interviews they share their best memories and stories from backstages.

The concept for the documentary, interviews, 360-panoramic images and the visual look is by me. The web production is by Viiksipojat Oy and the documentary was published by Yle Documentaries.

Comments for the Koura honorary mention:

"This documentary is a masterpiece of small surprises. It takes us to a place where people don’t usually have access to. It’s an audiovisual journey, where you can move in a three-dimensional-space, almost smell the sweat and taste the spirit(s). It’s a completely new way of telling the story so, that the topic goes hand in hand with the production."

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Behind the Stage review in Helsingin Sanomat (Finnish)